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Video Syndication and Distribution

Many times we have been asked the question: “What is video syndication?”

Syndication, simply defined, means taking content and distributing it (posting it) across many different channels. In the same way that a network television show will go ‘into syndication’ and you’ll see it on a variety of channels, this same concept works in a very positive way on the internet in the new era of consumers having a large appetite for video content.

You may have already started this process. Perhaps by posting video content you have created yourself on to your social media accounts. Or by uploading your content to video sharing sites like YouTube. But in order to do it correctly and with MAXIMUM effect, you will need many more channels and outlets for your content.

Optimization is the other key component when syndicating and distributing video content. Just posting isn’t enough. You need to understand the relationship between the transcribed content as a description, title and tagging, back-linking, and cross-referencing your video to create and maintain the largest footprint for maximum results in search engines for your product or service.

These are the core elements of successful video deployment, and we are experts in the field having syndicated thousands of videos for hundreds of clients since we began our journey when internet video became the new order of content management.

We are certain that we can help you not only produce incredible, engaging video content but to also syndicate it properly in order to put your video to work in the most effective manner.

Contact us for an assessment of your current video library and syndication efforts, or to discuss getting started with your own tailored program. Take advantage of the power of video marketing and syndication. It’s more affordable than you think!

In addition to producing and directing hundreds of client video projects for various media channels, we also produce our own local broadcast television show, The Best Of Tampa Bay. So whether you need internet or social media video at a reasonable price, or commercial production or broadcast-level work, we are confident that you will consider our services.

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